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Employee Share Schemes for Private Companies

A Guide for Directors

By Sarah Anderson 

RM2 is publishing a new book "Employee Share Schemes for Private Companies". Written by Sarah Anderson, RM2 director, this is a brand new edition of the long-standing and authoritative guide to the whole range of employee ownership arrangements for unlisted companies. This will be the first print edition since 2008. 

About the book

The Guide provides owners of private companies with clear guidance on how to establish employee share schemes. The book covers the range of schemes available, including government recognised tax-advantaged schemes and alternative non-statutory arrangements, whether on an all employee or discretionary basis. As well as explaining how each scheme works, the Guide includes practical guidance as to how to choose the best scheme to match a company’s objectives, as well as helpful information about company structure, share capital arrangements and valuing private company shares. The book will also serve as a valuable introduction for professional advisers seeking to assist their clients in this area.

From Hugh Facey MBE, Chairman of employee owned company Gripple Limited:

“This guide has been produced specifically with business owners in mind, explaining the principles of employee ownership and the alternative ways of introducing share plans in private companies. The guide provides the “Full Monty” of information you require. “

About the author 

Sarah Anderson is a director of RM2 Partnership Limited.  A qualified solicitor, Sarah has been working with private companies to help them establish a variety of share plans for over 20 years. 


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