Employee Share Schemes

Employee share schemes offer a highly effective way for employees to acquire shares in their company.

Employee Ownership Trusts

Employee ownership is where the employees of a business own all or most of the shares in the company.

We are a product of our own advice. We believe that introducing employee ownership, in any form, can help shape a brighter future for all, which is why we’ve chosen this model ourselves.

The team here also recognises that taking the first step to employee ownership needs careful planning and a design that’s unique to your business, which is why we don’t do anything else but employee ownership.

We take the time to get under the skin of your business, understand what you hope to achieve and then tailor a solution to your unique employee ownership requirements.





As transfers of ownership go, the EOT felt very simple. RM2 held our hands well. It was a relatively painless operation, which meant I could carry on running the business without distraction.
- Sally Pritchett, CEO, Something Big Limited

Share Incentive Plans

A share incentive plan (SIP) is a type of employee share scheme that allows an employer to award shares to all their employees with the motivation of incentivising them.

The plan is designed to align the interests of the employees with those of the company and its existing shareholders, by linking the value of the shares with the performance of the business. Each participant in a Share Incentive Plan can receive shares worth up to £9,000 per tax year.

We’ve advised over 1,500 companies about employee share ownership and employee share plans in different sectors

Featured case study

Arbuckles | EOT

American-style diner restaurant chain safeguards its employees by becoming employee owned. Arbuckles appointed RM2 to arrange the EOT change-of-ownership, from feasibility analysis to legal documentation and post-completion matters.