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Ownership at Work

An independent think tank working to increase awareness of employee ownership in the UK. Ownership at Work is politically impartial, independent of the Employee Ownership Association and has charitable status.

A Shares for Debt Recovery Plan

How employee ownership trusts (EOTs) can protect livelihoods and spur productivity.

This paper is a study by The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Ownership at Work which recommends offering struggling companies option to convert state-backed loans into employee ownership trusts (EOTs). 


A Partnership Fund for Jobs

How Government can help small business cope with the fallout from the COVID crisis.

This paper describes a plan for willing employees to offer time-limited wage concessions in return for an equity stake in their employer, matched in value by a co-investment from Government. The scheme is modelled closely on the Future Fund and is designed to be implemented quickly as the furlough scheme comes to an end and many jobs are at risk.

Published June 2020.

Equity for All

How a simple trust can spread ownership and wealth to millions.

This paper is a radical plan to encourage more companies to give employees as stake in the business in which they work that could created 1.5 million employee owners by 2030.

Published September 2019

The Ownership Effect Inquiry

An independent panel of senior UK business leaders and industry experts.

Ownership Dividend Report

In 2017 an independent panel of UK business leaders and industry experts came together to hear and examine evidence from 100+ employee owned businesses and business adviser. The findings and recommendations were published on June 27 2018.