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    Reasons to contact RM2 about employee ownership today

    Decades of specialist experience

    RM2 is home to the UK’s leading experts on private company employee share schemes with decades of expertise across our team. The company was founded in 1991 with a focus on employee profit sharing schemes, moving to specialise in employee share schemes in the late 1990s, giving us more than two and a half decades of experience specialising in this area, so much so that we are employee owned ourselves.

    Exceptional track record of success

    Over the years, we have helped more than 1,500 clients to create employee share schemes, working with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. We have worked with both private and public companies, as well as subsidiaries of UK and overseas listed businesses.

    Strong knowledge across all areas of employee ownership & employee share schemes

    We are able to offer detailed, specialist advice on various issues connected to employee share schemes, including:

    • Employee ownership
    • Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)
    • Employee Share Schemes
    • Share option schemes
    • Equity incentives for employees

    A wide variety of skills

    Our team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds, including solicitors, accountants, bankers, company secretaries, tax experts, policy experts and administrators. This gives us the depth and breadth of skills you need to handle every aspect of employee ownership, share incentive schemes and more for your business efficiently and effectively.

    Industry recognised expertise

    Our expertise has been recognised by industry bodies such as ProShare and the Employee Ownership Association. We have also been called to comment on guidance, policy and market practice relating to employee share ownership, including by successive governments.

    Clear, step-by-step guidance

    We will take you through every step of dealing with the legal and practical processes involved in setting up an Employee Ownership Trust, employee share scheme or whatever other type of employee ownership or equity incentive package you need. We will explain every stage in plain English and make sure no detail is missed or potential issue overlooked, so you can have total confidence that everything has been done the right way to ensure your future success.

    Sound, business focused advice

    Everything we do is focused on getting the right result for businesses, their owners and their employees. We understand the commercial realities of running a successful business, so all of our advice and the options we suggest will be based on achieving your short-term goals while protecting the long-term health of your organisation.

    Tailored advice to match your business

    We recognise that every business is different, with its own unique needs and challenges. Having helped such a wide range of businesses over the years, we know what works for every type of organisation, so can offer carefully tailored advice and support to help you achieve your goals in the right way for you, your company and your team.