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Renowned since 1998 for our expertise and experience in helping private companies set up and run employee share schemes.

Setting up a new Employee Share Scheme

New to the world of employee share schemes and option arrangements?

Find out everything you need to know.

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Employee Share Scheme Administration

Our highly experienced Operations team provide a great outsourced solution to ensure plans remain compliant, efficient and effective.

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Existing Share Scheme Support

We can advise on all aspects of a share scheme's life cycle, from launch to maturity, even if we didn't establish the plan ourselves.

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"At every stage, I have been very impressed with RM2's work ethic, their client relationship skills and the promptness of their service."

Dan McCarthy
Managing Director, One Search Limited

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Rewarding Your Employees

With your team being the most important asset of your business, it is only fair they are rewarded accordingly, otherwise your company could find itself back in recruitment market.

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