RM2 celebrates its fifth year of employee ownership!

RM2 is proud to announce we’ve been employee owned for 5 years!

On 2 April 2019, Sarah Anderson and the late Nigel Mason signed over RM2 Partnership to the RM2 Employee Ownership Trust, which now holds the whole company on behalf of us all.

What’s changed for us over that time?   Plenty of positives, we’re delighted to report!

  • 5 years of growth.  We’ve seen steady growth since our EOT transition.  And employee ownership means that we all see the financial benefits, including making use of the tax-free EOT bonus payments.
  • Fantastic clients.  We continue to work with amazing companies that are committed to employee ownership in all its forms.  Last year we completed our 100th Employee Ownership Trust transaction, and we’re pleased to say that the majority of our EOT clients move on to put in place direct share ownership for employees, providing a meaningful sense of ownership alongside the indirect trust ownership. 
  • New faces.  We’ve welcomed a new head of share incentives, John Dormer, and two new experienced share plans solicitors, Jonathan Crookham and Seb Salt.  Our EOT team (Richard, Rosa and Toni) now have an extra colleague, John Bezzant.  And our hardworking compliance team has grown to include Gill Mitchell, Amber Clifton and Will Leone.
  • Learning and growing.  Last year, we sent 8 of our team to the EOA conference, to talk to other employee owners, and to learn about how employee ownership can work in a smaller company. 
  • Employee engagement.  Our new employee council is working together with the management board and the EOT trust board to make RM2 a great place to work. 
  • All work and no play …  Pizza lunches, birthday cake (okay, sometimes just cake), darts, croquet, a night out at the races, shuffleboard, crazy golf, racing cars, or just the odd “swift half” at the Royal Oak.  Plenty of us work remotely these days, so it’s important to make the most of it when we’re all in the office together.   

What’s not changed?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We’re still 100% focused on employee share ownership.  We don’t do anything else, and we know our expertise is second to none. 

As well as the new faces above, our longest serving employees mean that our corporate memory is retained, and our client relationships are continued seamlessly even with new joiners.  Big shout-out to Caroline Parker, Rachel Doex, Stuart Hale, Mary Kelly and Sarah Anderson who have all passed, or are about to pass, their 10 year anniversaries with RM2.  (We like the 10 year anniversary especially because there’s a fortnight’s extra holiday as a special treat!) 

What’s next?

It’s been a tough few years, if we’re honest, with  the years of Covid, the uncertainty of Brexit for our clients and the loss of our dear colleague, Nigel Mason. But by working together and supporting each other, we’ve got through the other side.

We think that employee ownership has made us a better, stronger and more successful team and we are keen to help our future clients discover these benefits as well.    Bring on the next 5 years!