Professional advisors: working alongside RM2

RM2 specialise in employee share schemes. That’s it. So if an employee share scheme is right for your client, we can help design and implement a scheme that’s right for them, without posing any competitive threat to you. If there are parts of the work you are happy to undertake, such as amendments to the articles or the share valuation, we will be comfortable working alongside you – but we’ll only step in if you (or your client) need us. In short, we will support you.

RM2 have over 15 years of experience in the field of employee share schemes, and have implemented over 700 plans, so professional advisers can be confident they are ensuring the highest quality of service is delivered when they work with us. Our community partners’ network is comprised of carefully assessed, like-minded companies with whom we work to provide our mutual clients with exceptional solutions.

We run numerous workshops and seminars throughout the year designed to educate professional advisers on the benefits of employee share schemes, and also to offer greater insight into the design and implementation process.

We also look to feature informative guest content from our community partners in our monthly newsletter to showcase their skills, which currently reaches the inboxes of over 4,500 subscribers.

If you are a professional adviser and think you could benefit from learning more about our services, call us on 020 8949 5522 or email and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting with you and your team.