External Share Plan Admin – 5 Christmas presents wrapped into one

Managing any Employee Share Plan and carrying out the administration can be a huge task and can get on top of your already hectic work life. Share plan administration can even be tough on a plan consisting of a couple of individuals as the same tasks will need to be carried out if it were a plan of 100’s of people. We look at the some of the benefits of choosing an external administrator and types of services we can provide.

Expertise and Experience

In many cases, an administrator for your employee share plan will have experience dealing with a broad range of issues for their client base. This means that RM2 will always have the expertise and experience to assist a company with complicated administration needs and issues.

Robust Share Plan System

At RM2, we have invested in developing and maintaining a share plan system that suits all our client’s needs. We use this to safely and securely store all of the information we hold for the share plans we administer. Our Share Plan system allows us to run reports for our clients and to quickly gather all the Share information they may require.

Cost and Time Savings

As we already have useful and excellent administration service and knowledgeable personnel, it will save your company time and costs due to us already having the software and people to deal with your plans. This means your company will not have the burden of having to employee in house people and paying to implement a whole new system.

Coping with Peaks of Activity

At RM2, we administer quite large UK based plans, meaning this will naturally involve peaks of activity, for example at the launch of plan/grant and maturity/vesting. Most companies will not have the internal resources to handle the peaks, having an external administrator means any busy periods can be dealt without any problems.

Improved Participant Experience

As we are Share Plan specialists, our aim is to improve the participant’s experience, as we able to deal with any queries that may arise. We are able to provide them with any documents they may need at a fast pace.

Share Plan Administration Services RM2 can provide

  • Record keeping – The processing, monitoring and communication of all relevant award and plan events. Maintaining records of all historical award information. Preparing internal and external reporting and filings.
  • Trade settlement services – Executing a sale of shares via a third-party broker and transferring shares.
  • Portal and participant experience services – Maintenance of a participant facing online share plan portal that sets out all of the participant’s award information.
  • HMRC reporting – Filing yearly annual returns for share plans and registering Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share options.

If you are currently encountering problems with your employee share plan administration, now realise from the above that it might be something to pass to an expert, or simply wish to explore a competitive quote against your current outsourced provider if you have one, then we would be pleased to arrange a free consultation in order to discuss a health check or plan administration outsourcing for you.

For further details please email enquiries@rm2.co.uk , or call us on 020 8949 5522