Social Media- Have you claimed your market share?

Posted by admin at 15:51 on 13 Feb 2017


Louise Siwoku of Scarlett Office Services provides an insight into the growing need for a Social Media presence and asks whether a business can afford not to have one.

Social Media business phenomenon or flash in the pan??? You decide.

  • Twitter claim they have 175 million registered users
  • There are circa 4 million tweets every hour
  • LinkedIn has 100 million registered professionals 20 million in Europe
  • Facebook claim to have 700 million users of which 250 million log on every day
  • There are 7 billion pieces of content published on Facebook every week

Ok, so now you have some statistics (courtesy of still think it doesn't affect you or your business? The reality of the situation is that marketing and specifically online marketing has changed the way business is done - globally. It has widened horizons and parameters enabling SMEs to compete with the big corporates for market share and recognition. Small, local businesses are now competing in a worldwide global market with only their own self-made limitations hindering their growth potential.

There are numerous online social networks to which you can register; however, as is usual working practice, quality overrides quantity. The three main sites to which all business users should be registered and regularly engaged irrespective of the level of their social media activity, knowledge or competencies are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These three sites have very different functions and it is fundamental that you understand their market place in order to maximise your productivity and usage of time. At the very least, I urge you, register on these three sites and have an online presence so people can at least find you.

Facebook is your opportunity to advertise your wares, products, business, and a prime opportunity to sell tickets, sign people up to newsletters etc. LinkedIn on the other hand is the more serious business version of Facebook with the inference on one-to-one networking, connecting and sharing of information and best practice. This is a superb vehicle for highlighting your expertise in your given area and to be recognised by your colleagues and of course, potential clients. Finally, Twitter is where you build your audience and connect with like-minded peers, colleagues and potential customers. Don't forget the golden rule though, the purpose of all social media is to drive traffic to your desired location, be it your blog, ticket sales, newsletter sign up or direct sales. Without this, all your good work may be in vain. It's also a superb way to drive your SEO and you will soon notice your Google rankings going in the right direction!

There are of course some social networking faux pas which you would want to avoid;

(1) Do not pass off others comments as your own
(2) Think before you write. Once it's online, it's there forever
(3) Don't blow your own trumpet all the time, it's boring!

Most social networks are free to register and free to operate, it's not rocket science by any means, in fact, it's incredibly easy. However, social media takes time lots of it. If you can't afford to spend one to two hours each day, every day dedicated to online marketing, consider contracting someone to do it for you.

Look at the statistics again ... can you afford to miss out on your market share? I can categorically assure you of one thing your competitors are harnessing the power of the online global market and are claiming their territory even as you are reading this article. So go on, send a tweet... it's easy...

Scarlett Office Services provide an ongoing Social Media service, enabling a busy company to be sure that their social media presence is under hand. For more information about anything raised in this article, or details on Scarlett Office Services packages please contact Louise Siwoku at