Press release: RM2 joins the Baxi Partnership

Posted by admin at 15:51 on 13 Feb 2017


Today two market-leading specialists in employee ownership came together to create a unique destination for businesses who believe giving ownership to staff can drive superior performance.

At a time when the Coalition Government is looking at ways to increase levels of employee ownership in the wider economy, Baxi Partnership and RM2 Partnership have come together to offer business owners, entrepreneurs and senior management teams a single source of expertise, advice and capital to explore the benefits available through offering employees a stake in their own organisations.

Any business interested in sharing ownership with staff will find a range of options available to them from transferring full ownership over to all the employees (similar to the John Lewis Partnership model) to creating the employee share ownership schemes used by many companies (typically where either a smaller number of staff own most of the company, or else a smaller portion of the company is made available to most employees).

Previously Baxi Partnership has focused on providing advice and capital to support transitions to full employee ownership, whilst RM2 Partnership has specialised in the design, implementation and administration of employee share ownership and share options plans.

In acquiring RM2, Baxi Partnership has created a single provider of expert support for businesses of all sizes who want to seize the gains in productivity, innovation, entrepreneurialism and staff satisfaction that employee ownership is shown to deliver time and again.

RM2 Partnership will be an operating division running under Baxi Partnership Advisory, which provides advice to others on how to embrace sustainable mutual and employee ownership. Baxi Partnership is an employee-owned company itself, and is therefore welcoming all of RM2's 12 staff as new Partners into its business.

Peter Matthews, MD of Baxi Partnership Advisory, said: Bringing these two organisations together creates a unique and powerful offer that we hope can help drive up levels of employee ownership right across the UK economy. With a combined 26 year track record, Baxi Partnership with RM2 now offers a comprehensive end-to-end specialist service to anyone interested in sharing ownership with their employees.

Working as a part of Baxi Partnership Advisory, RM2 Partnership will be led by Peter Turner, previously a Non-Executive Director at RM2. RM2 will continue to operate under its current name and to offer leading-edge employee share scheme services, supported by Baxi Partnership's additional professional and financial resources. Former RM2 owners Colin Paterson and Geoff Bond will remain with the business in senior advisory roles.


Notes to editors:

1. If you need any more information about this announcement, please contact Campbell McDonald at Baxi Partnership on 07879 466 959.

2. Baxi Partnership is a dynamic, successful employee owned company. We operate across a range of sectors, including an advisory service that helps other organisations to become owned by their employees. The mission of theBaxi Partnership is to support the growth of strong, sustainable mutual and employee ownership. Our first-hand experience in supporting public and private sector organisations for over 12 years shows time and again thatgiving employees a significant stake in the enterprise they work for, and real participation in how that enterprise is run, produces a significant lift in employee motivation from which follow a series of benefits that drive superiorperformance. To find out more about Baxi Partnership, please visit our website at

3. Please note, that while we originate from the same family owned boiler manufacturing business, Baxi Partnership is a completely distinct entity from Baxi Group who continue to operate in the heating industry are a part of the BDR Thermea Group.

4. RM2 Partnership offers one of the most comprehensive employee share scheme consultancies in the UK, covering everything from overall strategy through to the finest legal, tax and regulatory details, delivering maximum effectand tax efficiency. Over the last 14 years RM2 have implemented more than 600 employee share option and share ownership schemes, of every size in every business sector. We also offer full-service share scheme administration. To find out more about RM2 Partnership, please visit their website at