New edition of the Guide

Posted by admin at 15:51 on 13 Feb 2017


The 2008/09 edition of "Employee Share Schemes - A Guide for Directors" has arrived!

The Guide, compiled by share scheme experts at RM2, provides directors and their advisers with an authoritative account of all aspects of employee share schemes and how the greatest benefits can be obtained. The 2008/09 edition is 168 pages and has been extensively revised to include the provisions of all relevant legislation up to and including the Finance Act 2008. Some of the topics covered by the Guide include:

  • the types of employee share scheme available
  • how to choose the correct employee share incentive plan for your business
  • an explanation, in plain English, of the tax and other regulations applicable to each share scheme
  • legal and accounting considerations relevant to employee share schemes
  • valuing the shares of private companies
  • communicating the benefits of share incentives to to employees

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