Golden Leaver LLP: HR Portal

Posted by admin at 15:51 on 13 Feb 2017



Golden Leaver is a London-based firm of specialist employment lawyers. We act for corporate employers and for senior business executives. Our corporate clients include entrepreneurs, start-ups, established businesses and PLCs. Our individual clients tend to be at investor, director or SVP level and above. Our clients are active in a range of sectors, which particularly include financial services, manufacturing and retail, outsourcing, professional firms and charities.  We work with and advise our clients on the wide range of employment law, HR and business issues that crop up in their areas.

Like all law firms, we aim to provide a high quality service.  We think we achieve this. The fact that we are small, focused and experienced means that we can adapt how we work to reflect client types and client expectations. We do this by asking what clients want; by focusing on what matters most to clients; by working hard to close any gap between client expectations and reality; by being accessible at all times; by being transparent in the way we work and in how we charge for our involvement; and by being good at what matters most. This is why we're different. For example:

  • for corporate clients with a full HR function, we don't expect to be involved with day-to-day advice, but instead focus on adding value by applying our experience to strategic decision-making. For this type of involvement we usually charge on a time-spent basis
  • for SMEs with a limited HR function, we tend to provide basic day-to-day advice and simple documents, often within the framework of our helpline and HR Portal (see below). For this type of involvement we usually charge by reference to a fixed price for flexible packages
  • for entrepreneurs and individuals, our involvement varies from firm hand-holding to behind-the-scenes big picture strategy, depending on the needs and business sophistication of a particular client. For this type of involvement we usually charge on a time-spent or a fixed price basis.

In summary: we cater to businesses of different sizes and to individuals in different phases of their commercial lives and we know that one size does not fit all. The world of legal advice has changed and the old style of charging for input rather than output and the value to the client is becoming the exception and less of the norm. Most law firms know this.  However we put it into practice and work hard to be the best at what matters most to our clients, and at a realistic price.  A significant proportion of our work is "repeat business" for clients who have been "with us" for many years.

Our standard charge rates are significantly lower than firms with our experience and focus. Our HR Portal can cost as little as £200 + VAT per month and gives clients a helpline and access to a range of  HR documentation, information and HR management tools to make running the HR side of the business simple; and gives us easy access to client data if a client needs to 'double check' a point or when that client needs specific advice on more complex matters. We also have other flexible pricing packages that include training modules to ensure that clients are up-to-date.

Please contact Caroline Leaver at or call on 020 3159 5172 to find out more or to fix a time to meet to discuss in more detail how we can work with you.