Football fans to become shareholders?

Posted by admin at 15:51 on 13 Feb 2017


There have been a number of recent articles in the press about vehicles which enable football fans to become shareholders of their clubs. The political parties are now identifying this pool as a potential electoral demographic.

Trusts have already been set up for clubs like Manchester United after the Glazer takeover in 2005 which sent ticket prices on an increase and creates anger amongst the fans. These trusts allow for a stronger influence from supporters as to the future of the club through supporter ownership.

In Newcastle 30,000 fans have joined their Supporters Trust, whilst Pompey's Trust (Portsmouth FC) has grown as quickly as the estimation of the debts by the administrator.

RM2 is working closely with partners to design shareholder trusts to benefit the fans. To find out more, contact us on 020 8949 5522.