When the going gets tough, the tough get creative

Posted by RM2 at 17:30 on 3 Mar 2015


The job market of today is no longer as loaded in favour of the employer. Talented employees in the creative, scientific and technical sectors are calling the shots. As an employer you are no longer guaranteed the ‘cream’ of the talent in your industry.

21st century recruitment is competitive; competitive for employers and candidates alike. You are no longer vying solely for market share with your competitors but also for the talent that will help you win and retain that market share.

If you are appealing to the right candidates, those with the skills and ambition to drive your business forward, then you are not alone. So how can you develop a proposition that excites and engages the very best talent to want to work with and for you, how can you regain that status where the very best candidates approach you? And, can you really afford not to?

“According to Manpower, 46% of senior human-resources executives surveyed in the company's latest global annual survey said that their talent gap was making it harder for their firm to implement its business strategy.”The Economist

Increasingly some of the largest global employers are recognising that salary alone will no longer cut it. Candidates are much savvier than they once were and if they have those all-important skills that their industry needs, they know it and they know just what their expertise is worth.

As Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, recently put it, an exceptional employee is “not just a little better than someone who is pretty good; they are 100 times better”, and those employees will be seeking not only standard remuneration but a share scheme package to share in the fortune you hope to build and to secure their own future as much as yours.

And, it’s just these kinds of share-based benefits, packages which hold out the prospect of future rewards on top of today’s remuneration, which directly correlate to an employee’s input and value.

To conclude, no ambitious modern employer can ignore employee share schemes when developing their remuneration packages.