Share scheme returns - chance for HMRC feedback

Posted by RM2 at 16:12 on 9 Feb 2015


It’s been a challenging year for those of us completing share schemes returns. HMRC’s new online filing system has been plagued with glitches, particularly for agents. Despite this, RM2 was pleased to have managed to file all our clients’ returns by the original deadline of 6 July – given that we manage over 160 returns for more than 120 clients, we consider this a pretty good outcome.

Others, however, weren’t able to overcome the glitches in time, as a result of which HMRC extended the deadline, which closed on 4 August.

We think it goes without saying that moving away from paper-based returns to online filing will, in the long run, be an improvement. But new systems always encounter teething problems.

If you’ve had difficulties, you can help streamline the process next year. ifsProShare, the voice of employee share ownership in the UK, has been receiving feedback from its members on this and is in contact with HMRC to make constructive suggestions to help everyone.

If you’d like to provide feedback, you can contact Gabbi Stopp at the main address. In particular, she’d welcome any “case studies” showing sequences of events and consequences. All on a no-names basis, of course!

Gabbi is meeting HMRC on 14 September - so speak now or forever hold your peace!