Share schemes: an overabundance of choice?

Posted by RM2 at 12:08 on 21 Sep 2015


As the economy picks up, interest in share schemes always increases (actually, it’s often better to grant options or award shares in a recession, when the share price is low but, to be fair, business owners are usually focusing on keeping their businesses running in lean times).

We’re certainly seeing this effect at RM2, with a huge amount of interest in share plans across the board – ranging from owners looking to transfer majority share ownership to their employees to boards looking to motivate key new hires via options and growth shares. Enterprise Management Incentives, that hardy perennial, continues to be a hugely attractive scheme with significant tax advantages and massive flexibility – also, this is now a senior member of the share plans team and is familiar to many people. Don’t knock simplicity and familiarity – it removes the block of employee understanding which should not be underestimated when establishing a share plan.

The new Employee Ownership Trust and Employee Shareholder Status have added to the mix available.

If you are at an early stage of thinking about share plans, in fact, the choice can be a bit dazzling, as there are so many options open to you.

As a first step, why not try out our Share Scheme Selector? This will run you through some initial questions which will point you towards some of the share schemes that might be appropriate for you and your business. Alternatively, pick up the phone. Our advisers will be happy to chat to you about your requirements, and make some suggestions about the share plans you could consider.