If Carlsberg did benefits... flexible employee benefits

Posted by RM2 at 12:18 on 23 Nov 2015


Carlsberg UK has recently re-launched their flexible benefits scheme for more than 1,700 employees, according to a recent report by employeebenefits.co.uk. The Danish brewer and household name employ more than 40,000 people worldwide.

Following a review of its employee benefits last year the company wanted to simplify its benefits package and increase take up; re-launching the scheme with a new branded online portal and a number of new initiatives including holiday trading, a save-as-you-earn scheme, childcare vouchers, cycles for work and private medical insurance in addition to its already successful Share Incentive Plan (SIP), bonus plan and pension investment plans.

Nick Court, Compensation and Benefits Manager at Carlsberg UK reportedly commented; It has so far gone really well and is a really slick process.

“It now makes a joined-up strategy with our voluntary benefits scheme, which has had the largest uptake since the re-launch.

“Through flex, we are now reaching more people and getting employees that have never logged onto the system before logging on.”

The key to the new schemes success, as with any employee strategy, lies in the continued communication and promotion of the packages available. RM2 Partnership has laid witness to this over their years within the employee share scheme sector; offering clients advice and tips to create employee communication strategies from implementation onwards.

Carlsberg’s recent re-launch just goes to show that any scheme will only be as effective as the ongoing communication surrounding the scheme.

Here are our top tips for increasing employee engagement with your scheme:

  • Tailor your employee literature to your audience, avoid jargon wherever possible and make sure your communications are simple to follow, such as FAQ’s, and in keeping with the over-arching company message and culture
  • Make use of online – a great tool for any benefits scheme is the use of an intranet/extranet which employees can use as a ‘go to’ resource for any questions they have about the schemes available to them
  • Promote, promote, promote – there are lots of opportunities to ‘piggy-back’ on existing employee communications such as newsletter, wage-slip inserts, notice boards etc. to enable you to keep the scheme at the forefront of employee’s minds and to make sure that everyone is informed and consequently increase engagement
  • Get PR – there is no reason why local publications would not run press releases on the subject of your share scheme or benefits package. This is not only a great way of promoting your business as a great company to work with but also a tool to attract the attention of talent into your business.