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Shares for Key Employees

Twenty years ago, employee share schemes were mainly the preserve of quoted companies. Now, no self-respecting ambitious private company can really afford not to include its key people in some type of share ownership.

The competition for talent, the enormous investment made in developing key people, the risks of losing technical specialists, the need to focus the top team on clearly defined goals – these are all compelling reasons why growing private companies turn to share schemes to meet their business goals.

Fortunately, with the range and flexibility of share schemes, there is something to suit most needs.

And RM2 has more experience than any other team in the UK in designing, implementing and operating employee share schemes in private companies. We’ve worked with hundreds of private companies and established more than a thousand schemes.

Concerned that people won’t be able to afford to buy shares? Then use options or low cost Growth Share Plans (GSPs) or a Deferred Share Purchase Plan (DSPP).

Concerned about immediately diluting founders’ ownership? Then consider using exit-based share options or Phantom Share Schemes (PSPs).

Concerned about what happens to leavers’ shares? Then redraft your company’s Articles to include clear leaver provisions that distinguish between “good” leavers and “bad” leavers. Or go further and establish an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) to act as a warehouse for leavers’ shares before they are allocated to others.

Wary of paying tax before you have the sale proceeds to pay? Then consider one of the tax-advantaged share schemes specifically designed for growing private companies, such as the very flexible Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) or the Company Share Option Plan (CSOP).

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