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Employee Share Schemes

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What is a share scheme?

Share schemes, sometimes called share plans, are an effective way to offer equity-related awards to employees, non-executives and consultants. Awarding staff shares in a company develops a real sense of ownership and ultimately increases loyalty and engagement. This helps to align employees’ interests with those of shareholders, drive growth, and ultimately increase share value.

There are many different types of share scheme and each can be tailored to match the needs of your business: 

  • Targeted at select employees vs. available to all employees
  • Actual shares vs. a right to future shares ("options")
  • Shares to be gifted vs. shares to be purchased
  • Awards to employees vs. non-employees

Whatever your commercial objective, we can work closely with you to advise on the most efficient and appropriate scheme to achieve your goals. 

Why do companies introduce share schemes?

How do share schemes work?

You can decide:

  • Who is to receive shares
  • On what condition shares become available
  • Whether employee shares have voting rights
  • At what price, if any, employees will be required to buy shares
  • Whether employees get shares outright or share options
  • Whether and when employees forfeit rights/shares if they leave

You do not need to have all the answers now. We will guide you through these questions during the scheme design.

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