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At RM2, we understand the importance of maintaining an effective share scheme. This includes keeping up with all necessary compliance/legislative issues and filing with HMRC, but also extends to taking a strategic and proactive approach to utilising your share plan to meet the ever-changing needs of your company. This is precisely what we offer with our administration service.

Our dedicated administration team provides an on-going service for many of share schemes that we implement, and we can tailor this service to. Some examples of our services include:

  • Assisting with online filing of your share scheme with HMRC
  • Preparing and filing the annual returns with HMRC, and dealing with any queries arising
  • Provision of information for your Annual Accounts, as required
  • Alerting you to any changes in legislation that may have a bearing on the operation of your share plan
  • Handling leavers
  • Providing a dedicated telephone and e-mail helpline for participants who have questions
  • Sending monthly emails to ensure the plan remains compliant and any appropriate action is taken promptly where necessary
  • An annual review meeting or conference call to discuss the progress of your plan and review the plan against Client strategy and business conditions

Employee share schemes are complicated. Badly administered schemes can cost companies dearly in terms of wasted time and effort, and possible penalties and interest from HMRC and Companies House. Such schemes may also lose the confidence of participants and could create unnecessary delays in the lead up to a corporate exit event.

RM2 also administer and act as trustee for statutory and discretionary trusts which are utilised alongside some share schemes.

Contact us on 020 8949 5522 for futher details or to arrange a free administration consultation.