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Existing Plan Support

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We are proud to offer our clients dedicated on-going support with the plans we design and implement.

We can also provide a range of services to optimise and enhance share plans we have not established ourselves. This has become increasingly popular in recent years as the number of non-specialist advisers with a share scheme offering has grown.  

If your company has a share plan that doesn’t seem to be achieving its full potential, you may wish to consider some of the following services.

Share Plan Health Check

We can carry out an extensive review of your existing arrangements and identify any areas that may be amended or improved upon in order to better meet your corporate objectives.

During this process we will strive to ensure your share plan is fully compliant, and adheres to the best practices of the industry.

Share Plan Administration

Our dedicated Administration team maintains many of the share plans we establish. We find that this not only provides our clients with peace of mind, but, more importantly, allows them to remain focused on achieving the growth that they desire.

We do not simply limit this service to the relevant filing requirements, but instead offer a comprehensive approach to meet your needs. This can include:

  • Alert you to any changes in legislation that may have a bearing on the operation of your share plan.
  • Provide a dedicated telephone and e-mail helpline for participants who have questions.
  • Monthly emails to ensure the plan remains compliant and any appropriate action is taken promptly in relation to corporate actions or leavers or joiners etc.
  • Hold an annual review meeting or conference call to discuss the progress of your plan and review the plan against your strategy and business conditions.

Badly administered schemes can cost companies dearly in terms of wasted time and effort, and possible penalties and interest from HMRC and Companies House. Such schemes may also lose the confidence of participants, and can have a negative impact on due diligence procedures should the company ever be approaching a sale or flotation. Why take the risk?

Employee Communications

For share plans to be effective it is vital that the potential benefits are properly understood and appreciated by the participants. We recognize that, for those who are not entirely familiar with employee share schemes, it can often be difficult to grasp some of the key concepts and understand jargon that is often associated with the schemes. Where we are involved in employee communications, we take great care to speak in terms employees will understand, highlighting in plain English the benefits they might expect to receive, and how this can be achieved.

The way in which this is done will depend on the individual company and on the nature of the plan. The communication effort required for an all-employee scheme will clearly be on a larger scale than that required for the issue of options to just one or two key employees. In both scenarios, our presentations are tailored to match your company culture and branding.

To find out more about how we can help to optimise your share plan, why not contact us via enquiries@rm2.co.uk, or call us on 020 8949 5522 to speak with a member of the team.


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