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Restructuring Share Capital, Amending Share Rights & Creating a New Class of Share

Articles of association

RM2 will take a look at your existing Articles of Association and any shareholder or investor agreements. If you are a private company, there is a good chance that these documents will need to be modified before your scheme is implemented, otherwise serious trouble could ensue.

For example, you will probably have to restructure the share capital so that it works practically with your scheme.  If employees are to become shareholders at any point, there will need to be rules about how they can sell their shares, and to whom. There will also need to be rules to ensure that no employee shareholder can impede the sale of the company.

We can assist with this process by carrying out the following steps:

  • Following a detailed fact-find we would build an understanding of the specific needs of the client.
  • Draft appropriate Articles to meet company requirements.
  • Compile appropriate shareholders resolutions to approve and adopt the amended Articles.
  • Prepare all necessary resolutions and forms for filing at Companies House.
  • Distribute the revised Articles of Association to appropriate parties.
  • Shareholder agreement amendments in parallel with the Articles.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for bespoke Articles of Association for an existing company, please feel free to call us 020 8949 5522 or via enquiries@rm2.co.uk.


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