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Rewarding your employees

Rewarding your workforce is an essential part of building loyalty and driving levels of engagement. With your team being the most important asset of your business, it is only fair they are rewarded accordingly, otherwise you could find yourself losing your key employees and back in recruitment market.

Could Share Ownership be the Answer?

The opportunity to participate in ownership of the company will provide the perfect platform for your workforce to become fully aligned with the company’s objectives. As participants contribute to the growth of the business, the company’s value will increase and therefore so will the size of their reward. Share ownership arrangements are often created with set performance conditions in place to help ensure the company’s strategic goals are met before any reward is distributed.

Why Opt for Share Ownership Instead of Traditional Cash Bonuses?

Not only can share ownership set long-term incentives for employees, it can also provide significant tax advantages, helping to maximise employee rewards and benefit cash flow.

There are many share ownership models available, and as specialists in this field we are well equipped to work with you and design the arrangement that supports your goals. For an overview of the types of arrangement that may suit your company, why not take our quiz?

If you would like to find out more about share ownership as a tool for rewarding your employees, why not contact us directly on 020 8949 5522, book a free consultation using the button at the top of the page, or email a member of our team.


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