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An Introduction to Employee Ownership Trusts

How an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) can benefit you, your company and your employees

By Garry R. Karch


This book is intended to provide the reader with an overview of the Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) transaction structure that was established in the Finance Act 2014 (the “Act”). 

The objective of the EOT transaction structure is to facilitate a shift towards a “John Lewis economy,” whereby the employees of firms receive some of the benefits that normally accrue to the private shareholders of a business.  This “shared capitalism” model tends to more closely align the interests of all stakeholders and has been shown in numerous studies to generally lead to improved company performance, higher levels of employee engagement and greater job creation and retention.  It’s difficult to see how there is anything but a positive impact generated by the employee ownership model.

About the Author

Garry Karch is the Managing Partner of RM2 Corporate Finance Limited in London, which he co-founded with Nigel Mason, Managing Director of The RM2 Partnership Limited.  Prior to establishing RM2 Corporate Finance, he spent almost 30 years working actively in the ESOP (“Employee Stock Ownership Plan”) space in the United States.  His experience is split almost evenly between financing ESOP change of control transactions as a lender and structuring and raising capital to support the transactions as an investment banker.

He was a long-term member of the ESOP Association in the United States, where he served on the Advisory Committee on Finance for many years, He is also a member of the National Center for Employee Ownership.  Garry has spoken at numerous conferences on a wide variety of employee ownership topics throughout his career.

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