Your Employees – Probably Your Most Valuable Assets

Posted by admin at 15:52 on 13 Feb 2017


For many of businesses their employees will be their most valuable assets. Most of the time your employees will be happy in their roles and working effectively towards achieving the business objectives you have set. However, in our experience there is always room for improvement, which in turn can result in increased productivity.

At JMA HR and Legal we are unique in the way that we combine our legal expertise with practical HR experience. Our team consists of HR Consultants and Employment Lawyers. What that means is that we offer experienced professionals who can work either remotely or on site dealing with all areas of HR and employment law. This could be the launch of a new people initiative, ensuring documentation is up to date or helping them tackle an existing employment issue where legal expertise may be required.

If your business could benefit from HR support at a sensible price, click here for more information.

Many of our clients start with our FREE ‘HR MOT’. This simply takes an hour of your time and provides the opportunity to discuss the HR processes & procedures and contracts of employment, as well as understanding any particular people issues you may have.

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