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Boost the Economy with an Employee Share Scheme

Posted on November 30, 2009

A leading accountancy firm has urged companies to improve employee share schemes in order to boost economic recovery.

The advice comes after a research project found that just 6% of the largest companies in the UK were responsible for creating up to 50% of all jobs.

It was suggested that improved incentives schemes, such as, the Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes are a cheaper way for the chancellor to boost the economy on the back of the findings.

A spokesman said: "Not only would such a move help growing businesses motivate staff, the long term nature of such incentives sits well with the loudly proclaimed Government distaste for the so called 'bonus culture'.

A number of leading share scheme practitioners, including The RM2 Partnership, have called for the limit on the value of shares which options can be exercised under EMI schemes to be raised to £250,000. This will enable more companies to recruit and retain key staff during the economic crisis and, in doing so, help the country back to the good times.

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