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Scheme Registration Deadlines

Posted by Chris on January 27, 2015

If any of your clients have UK taxpayer employees receiving share/stock options, restricted share units or other employee share …

SAYE Schemes – A Better Way?

Posted by Chris on January 27, 2015

Here’s a great article from Penny Sleuth espousing the virtues of SAYE schemes: http://moneyweek.com/penny-sleuth-save-as-you-ea…

Entrepreneurs’ Relief Under Threat?

Posted by Kerrie on January 27, 2015

Recent announcements on Entrepreneurs’ Relief, and their potential impact, may result in the future exit prospects of business o…

Professional Advisers: Working Alongside RM2

Posted by Chris on January 14, 2015

RM2 specialise in employee share schemes. That’s it. So if an employee share scheme is right for your client, we can help design…

Share Options & Investors

Posted by Chris on December 23, 2014

Fast growing entrepreneurial business that implement EMI share options are very frequently the same businesses looking for exter…