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Motivating Your Workforce

The most productive companies are driven by an efficient and highly motivated workforce. The challenge facing many employers is how to generate these high levels of productivity in a fair and economically viable manner. How is your company addressing the challenge?

Aligning Objectives

In  the  quarter  ending  31st  March  2014,  the  UK  Employee  Ownership  Index  was  up 11.6%, while the  FTSE  All-Share was  down  0.7%. The  index  has  now  outperformed  the  FTSE  All  Share  in  each  of  the  last  seven  quarters,  the  longest  continuous  run  of  outperformance  since  the  index  started  in  2003. There are many employee benefits packages and arrangements available, but few are as effective or as tax-advantaged as share ownership.

Achieving Long-Term Goals

The opportunity to participate in ownership of the company will provide the perfect platform for your workforce to become fully aligned with company objectives. If communicated correctly, participants will become empowered to start thinking and acting like owners, and encouraged to work beyond short-term milestones as continual growth offers a significant level of reward.

There are many share ownership models available, and as specialists in this field we are well equipped to work with you and design the arrangement that supports your goals. For an overview of the types of arrangement that may suit your company, why not take our quiz?

If you would like to find out more about share ownership can help maximise employee engagement, why not call us on 020 8949 5522, book a free consultation using the button at the top of the page, or email a member of our team.


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