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What we do

The RM2 Partnership specialises only in the design, implementation and administration of employee and non-employee share ownership and share option plans.

Unlike firms of lawyers or accountants, we cover everything – from overall strategy through to the finest details of implementation and administration. We also know that our fees are more transparent and better value than other firms offering a less comprehensive service.

The RM2 Partnership Limited is a leading remuneration consultancy. The firm specialises in equity-based reward arrangements such as Share Incentive Plans (SIPs), Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs), Unapproved Share Option Plans (USOPs) and Deferred Share Purchase Plans (DSPPs). Our service is considerably broadened by the innovative use of both statutory and discretionary Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) to provide exit and succession planning opportunities for director shareholders.

Many companies are unaware of the range of opportunities available, many of which carry substantial tax benefits. These opportunities can be utilised by small and medium sized private companies as well as larger listed groups. For example, unquoted companies with no external market for their shares can arrange for staff to obtain cash for their shares through an internal market regulated by an employee trust. Each company's circumstances are different and individual plans are designed accordingly.

Our approach is to offer a turn-key service including all aspects of plan design, implementation and on-going administration and advisory support. As part of this process, we lay great emphasis on effective employee communications - the best drafted plan is redundant if participants do not engage with it!

So what can we do for you as part of our project work?

  • Share plan design - identify the right plan or plans for you and tailor these to meet your commercial objectives
  • Legal drafting - only solicitors can draft Deeds - we have 4 on our team
  • Company secretarial - yes we will prepare board and shareholder resolutions and complete and file the Companies House forms for you
  • Share valuation - if you are a private company we can calculate and negotiate with HMRC to agree the share value for tax purposes for your plans
  • Awards modelling - to help you manage dilution impact and set awards at appropriate levels - a plan participant needs to know what their incentive means - what spending power might they have when they can sell their shares in the future and is it enough to retain their services with you as their chosen employer?
  • Employee communications - a well drafted plan is redundant and bad value for money if the participants so not understand and engage with the incentive offered
  • Plan administration - to ensure that your arrangements remain effective and compliant as you evolve and circumstances and legislation change
  • Trustee services - if you are considering a Share Incentive Plan and or an Employee Benefit Trust then we can act as an independent corporate trustee
  • Option expensing - if you are not able to report under FRSSE you must undertake option expensing as part of your accounts reporting. Your auditors cannot do this for you as they cannot both calculate and objectively audit the numbers. We can do this for you and we can also help with other accounts disclosure matters relating to your equity plans
  • Healthcheck - we can healthcheck your current plans and see if there are any rectifications or improvements needed
  • Governance and transactional support - we can advise on the corporate governance aspects of executive awards and assist you with the share plan actions needed when awards vest, plans mature and when the big exit event happens

Contact us now on 020 8949 5522 for a free consultation regarding your company incentive schemes or equity reward plans.