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About Us

Welcome to RM2, renowned since 1998 for the quality of our work and client service in helping companies set up and run employee share plans.

RM2 is a cohesive multi-disciplined team of experienced, personable experts in their field. We are deeply passionate about what we do and our ISO 9001 accreditation is testament to the quality of our service.

We pride ourselves on our proactive and pragmatic approach; providing not just specialist share plan advice that is technically sound, but also bespoke equity arrangements tailored to individual client needs. You may ask us for a share scheme but we will ensure that what you get is the best commercial solution to meet your equity award objectives.

We offer an array of services to a broad client base, across all sectors; from start-ups to household names. We work primarily with UK headquartered companies but also advise overseas parent companies on the most suitable plans for their UK staff and, through our extensive network of professional contacts, will also help our UK companies when they start to expand overseas and need help in relation to other jurisdictions.

RM2 are the most comprehensive employee share plan consultancy in the UK. We can help you with all aspects of setting up and running a plan - everything from the overall initial design strategy through to the legal, tax and regulatory details. We do not hand you your plan and walk away. We are delighted to provide all the aftercare service you need too. Though our trustee and share plan administration services, we provide you with on-going support to ensure your arrangements remain compliant and the efficacy is optimised as your business grows and evolves.

Because this is our specialist focus, we have the best knowledge, expertise and experience to help you find the right solution and achieve your business objectives.

We are committed to providing our clients with a high quality professional service at a price that represents best value (usually on a fixed fee basis.)