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About Us

At RM2, we proudly help companies achieve and surpass their corporate objectives through employee share schemes and other equity based awards. Since our formation, we have set up over 700 share schemes and the services we provide have been recognised for numerous awards by bodies such as ifs ProShare and STEP.

RM2 was founded in 1998 and since our formation we have specialised entirely in employee share incentive arrangements. This means we are able to offer the best possible service to our clients, many of whom we have worked with for a number of years, and offer strategic share scheme advice to meet their changing needs as their companies grow.

In 2011 we joined Baxendale, a family of employee owned companies that offers a unique combination of specialist advice and investment to support the creation and success of strong, sustainable and growing businesses. As an employee-owned company, we stand strongly behind the ethos of ownership and have experienced first-hand the benefits of encouraging employees to participate in an equity-based incentive.

We understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to share schemes rarely meets client objectives, and that is why we work with our clients to design individual equity arrangements. Our highly skilled team will break the process down into clear, concise stages and provide an unparalleled level of professional guidance to ensure the most effective share arrangement is created to meet your business needs. After implementation, our Operations division will provide administrative support to ensure your scheme remains both effective and compliant until its conclusion.

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